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Anitaaaaaaaaaaa~! ^^
This looks like one of those free pin up posters you get with shoujo manga. It looks super girly, which I absolutely love, and I wouldn't mind an A2 size poster in my room.
You totally got the valentine theme going on there, the girl is cute too, not to mention the anatomy is amazing, since we are sort of looking down on her but not too much~
The colours aren't too bright and overpowering and the choice of colours match the theme as well as being pleasing to the eyes.
The smaller details aren't too noticeable but I can tell you paid a lot of attention to them, which makes this piece more appealing.
All the effects like smudged paint, creases in paper or tape to the glass looks realistic... And... Ahhhhhhhhhhh I don't know what else to say, I think this has to be one of my favorite pieces from you so far~
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Porukachii Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Professional General Artist
Luuuuoooo-chaaaannn~! <3//glomp would it be rude to say your real name on DA or do you want to keep it private? :'D
Hi :'D

woah from a shoujo manga. I wouldn't go that far Luo-chan |D
I'm glad someone can tell your looking down at the character. It was abit hard drawing perspective poses. I have to use lot of references to draw the pose right. ( Or at least not to weird)
phew I'm glad the colours aren't to bright and overpowering xD Remember what my old digital drawing was like back then. That was a challenge. I don't know how you colour so delicate and perfect at the same time.
I'm so jealous xD and you even draw lot of new techniques//sparkles

sniff sniff/ you notice my hard work on the art materials Q 7 Q C-can I hug you? I need a hug because that was a pain in a neck drawing them. I'm such a slowpoke Q 7 Q

Does the glass really look real? Q 7 Q This picture is too much for a challenge;;

Oh yay! I'm so happy you like it! This Valentine drawing is for you <33333 and some to my other friends aswell

Happy Valentine's Day bby! :iconkissingplz:

Is there any negative comment you would like to point out. I don't mind really. I do need negative comment to help me improve more :iconmoeblushplz:
Luo-Qin Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
Nuuuuuuu~! my real name is forever a mystery here x'D

Asdfghjkl, I wouldn't say I like to try new styles, because I am so lazy, If I like the look of something, I'll just want to try it out =A='

Well too me it looks super detailed and beautiful, so I'm not surprised if it took a long time, and the glass looks real to me, and I couldn't think of anything negative to say, but I would of said something if something bugged me, but no. nothing did. >A<'
So sorry I couldn't help you there~ OTZ
Because I think it's perfect~ Falalalalala~
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