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January 31, 2012
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Chocolate Kiss - Front by Luo-Qin Chocolate Kiss - Front by Luo-Qin
My favorite time of the year is coming in 15/14 days
So get ready for a cheesy cliche cutesy and not to mention 'out of character' and 'bad grammar' lovu lovu story :XD:
All Screen tones used for this comic are from ~FS-XXVII
This is set in an alternate universe so no pokeymanz..
~mosherocks4 made a video with this comic - [link]

You can also buy this book if you want a physical copy 5.27-GBP (Not including shipping) ( - [link]

Project - Chocolate Kiss

Chapter Page - Valentines Day - [link]
Page 01 - [link]
Page 02 - [link]
Page 03 - [link]
Page 04 - [link]
Page 05 - [link]
Page 06 - [link]
Page 07 - [link]
Page 08 - [link]
Page 09 - [link]
Page 10 - [link]
Page 11 - [link]
Page 12 - [link]
Page 13 - [link]
Page 14 - [link]

Chapter Page - White day - [link]
Page 15 - [link]
Page 16 - [link]
Page 17 - [link]
Page 18 - [link]
Page 19 - [link]
Page 20 - [link]
Page 21 - [link]
page 22 - [link]
Page 23 - [link]
Page 24 - [link]
Page 25 - [link]
Page 26 - [link]
Page 27 - [link]
Page 28 - [link]

Short Epilogue - [link]
Alrighty I'm gonna tackle this one head on. Lets begin with the cover & back they are perfect you've matched them and kept it consistent, one character with a box of chocolates and the heart which im quite sure represents love. Next the way you started it of was nice it was a subtile and easy intro that didn't force to much on the reader at once, this helps the reader get into it and understand it easier. Next is the mid-point (about where Touko gives the chocolates.) once again subtile which is good plus it wasn't the climax which leaves more room for plot as well. you showed both characters shyness and went a bit out of the way to display Touya's on the bicycle, but detail is always welcome. Finally the ending section. It was simple and sweet Touya uses the piece of chocolate to steal a kiss from Touko and their small conversation afterwards is cute as well. Over all this doushin was a great creation and a great read good job and keep it up!
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I lowve the cover!L!L >< and the story, I thought it was so sweet and funny how Touya (black) keeper teasing toyou (white) with the Cookies! And how in white day the cookies were white for toyou (white) and for valentines for touya (black) black (brown cookies can't tell cause it was black and white!) I really woved this story! Hope you keep writing these type of things, and how the cover one one side has touya (black) and toyou (white) one ne side! For the book, I really want to buy the book but I don't have a creadit card?..... But if I get one I'll buy it!
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The Artist thought this was FAIR
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